Growing as a Designer in 2019

Growing as a Designer in 2019

Every year for the past three or four years, I have made big plans to start a blog and write every week. I’m not a writer in any shape or form, but it never fails…when the new year rolls around, I make a list of goals and writing is always on that list. But every year, I write one or two posts and then drop off.

This year hasn’t started any differently. I’ve got lofty goals to start writing and sharing my love of lettering and creativity through blog posts.

I’m feeling different about my perspective on goals this year. I want to come at them from the point of view of taking ACTION, rather than just moving forward based on what I feel like doing.

So here I am… taking action. Writing a blog post about my goals and vision for 2019.

For the upcoming year, I have nailed down four areas that I really want to focus on for growth for the year, and all of them apply to the things that have been top of mind throughout 2018. So here they are!


I know this isn’t necessarily design related but health is SO FREAKING IMPORTANT to all of us.

I’ve personally been SUPER focused on physical health in the past 3 months, with the help of my wonderful new nutritionist, but there is always more progress to be made in other aspects of overall health.

Eating healthy

Food is a huge one, and with the help of the nutritionist, I’ve been making big steps to clean up my diet! I have such a sweet tooth, and I work in an environment where eating bad things together is a culture and community norm. I’ve quickly learned that I can’t feel sorry for myself when everyone else is enjoying a treat.

In the long run, I’m really not missing out. I get to feel better physically and mentally than if I had sacrificed my healthy meal for that treat. I think we, as people contributing to culture in the workplace, need to be better about supporting each other when it comes to being healthy.


Another big aspect of this is fitness. I try to make fitness a constant in my life. I feel SO much better when I’m active, even if there’s no visible difference. It’s a mental release and a way to forget the worries of the day.

Sleep is also SUPER important. I’ve always been someone who doesn’t function well without sleep, so I want to get into a better routine of getting to bed early and up early in the morning. This gives me time to the gym, or just work on the things I usually don’t have time for!

I think healthiness also applies to day to day happiness. I want to take time to enjoy the small things that make me happier. Things like sketching or painting, hiking, skiing, or spending time with my husband should be a priority. These feel like things I should naturally do day-to-day, in my free time, but it’s SO easy to get caught up in what feels like “busyness,” but when I look back I’ve actually just spent all my free time scrolling through Instagram.

The goal is that if I get my body and mind healthy, the rest of the good things in my life will come with so much less resistance!


This year, I want to be responsible as a whole. Responsible for creating more things I actually care about. Responsible for my health and responsible for taking action on goals that I have for the year.

This feels like the root of all of my goals. If I can focus on being responsive and proactive towards the most important tasks and requests, I should see the results I’m hoping for. This applies to freelance requests, family things, care for my doggies, keeping up on sleep, pushing myself in workouts…etc. Life is one big cycle of learning responsibility.

I really hope to maintain responsibility for this blog, my health, and my creative pursuits! 


Confidence is another big one and applies to every aspect of my life. As a designer, we’re always challenged to create something bigger and better or come up with new and different ideas. I find it challenging to stay confident with so many eyes on my work and so many other talented creatives around to compare to. I’ve started to realize that I’ll never progress if I always hold back. I’ve got to push through the uncomfortable, self-consciousnes to make myself better!

I also want to be confident in the artistic side projects I work on. It’s super easy for me to get stuck in a cycle of “no one cares about the art I make, so why make it and why share it,” and that’s a terrible place to be. If I change my perspective to have a positive mindset around the work I create, then I’ll be more apt to keep making and sharing. For me, artwork is made to be shared and loved by everyone!

You never know what positive message someone might get out of the work you create.


Confidence flows right into creativity. Like I mentioned above, I never want to stop creating things! I’ve found that I’m most happy and fulfilled when I’m constantly producing and sharing work that’s done with my own two hands. This means slowing down and carving out more time to draw and explore where my creativity might take me!

I also want to get creative with how I utilize these side projects and hand-drawn pursuits. I’ve been teaching workshops, but I’m unsure of how I can share more of my creative passions with the world outside of that. I think I’d love to eventually transition to a full-time illustrator, but I need to get creative about how that looks. It could be digital products or freelance work, or even getting an agent to represent me. There are so many options! In the meantime, I need to continue to create things and taking action in order for things to come together.

I’m hopeful that some of these actions will come together in both illustration and writing form. My goals are to post to Instagram 2-5 times per week and publish a blog post once a week. With the consistent creating and sharing, I’m hopeful that I can reach both the happiness and success I dream about.

So there they are…my four areas of focus for the year. I’m excited to start executing on all of these things!

First item of the year complete. Blog post, done!

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